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Meet Dr. Scott Simerman

Mamaroneck Preferred Chiropractor

It can often be heard in our reception area that “it just feels so good in here.”

I live in Connecticut with my wife Susan, a Marriage and Family Therapist. My son, Daniel, is a business analyst for a large technology company. I enjoy reading, yoga, Qi Gong, roller blading, listening to music, taking long walks at the beach and a good independent movie. I am passionate about everything I do. Traveling, personal growth workshops, having fun and spending time with family and friends keeps me balanced and excited about what’s new and what’s next.

Chiropractic and healing is my passionate mission.

Chiropractic, my life’s work

I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 38 years and never miss a week without my adjustment. Yes, it is part of my lifestyle. I exercise almost daily and eat a healthy organic diet. I believe that having good, positive thoughts are essential to living a happy life.

As a Chiropractor and Healing Facilitator and Wellness Coach and Educator, I address the causes of physical, chemical, emotional, and environmental stresses. As everyone today can certainly attest to, life is stressful and having a strategy for alleviating its causes is necessary and invaluable for optimal health.

I am blessed to have found my life’s work. Through chiropractic, I believe I am empowering individuals to realize their full potential on many levels and helping them find their pathway to healing. My practice allows me to facilitate greater health and awareness, as people return to their natural state of overall health and well-being. It can often be heard in our reception area that, “It just feels so good to be in here!”

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