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Reviews for Harbor Healing & Wellcare

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right 15health care choice.  Review a selection of Harbor Healing & Wellcare patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions. To see how our care has improved the posture of our patients click here.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Scott Simerman

The Best of the Best

I am perhaps positioned to understand what the best is. I teach chiropractors from coast to coast, being a chiropractor myself. Dr. Scott Simerman is the BEST chiropractic adjuster in the country and out of 70,000 chiropractors I can choose from, I choose him. I can say that with a great degree of certainty based upon direct knowledge and if he is your chiropractor, you are lucky.
– Dr. M.S.

Come for the Pain Management. Stay for the Enlightenment

I didn’t believe in healing, higher levels of consciousness, or enlightenment, or even Chiropractic when I reached out to Dr Scott. I was just in so much pain, I was willing to try anything. After a super active life style, degenerative disc disease left me hurting when I lied down too long or sat down too long or stood up too long- pretty much anything. And forget the off-road runs and intense trampoline sessions with my daughter.

Physical therapy and cortisone epidurals helped me get through the day, but I was still in pain and this was no way to live.

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A friend recommended Dr Scott, so I gave him a go. It’s now four months later, and I’m pretty much pain free. I just did a week skiing holiday with my family and didn’t hurt at all. Yesterday was a snow day I went sledding with my daughter and her friends. No problems. I am off of all meds and injections, and while I still get some discomfort and am not back to off road runs or trampoline sessions, I live an active mostly pain-free life skateboarding and surfing and making sculpture.

But beyond the pain management, Dr Scott taught me to take responsibility for other aspects of my life. He taught me to relax, tune in to other potentials, and it’s working! Sitting in traffic, doing chores, waiting in line, are all opportunities for blissed out meditation. I’m more relaxed and excited about things in life. Less stressed out about change and challenge. As with the pain, I still have my flare-ups, and I need to actively manage myself, but I have learned so much and feel so much better and hopeful in so many ways.

He made it clear that this is not some magic process. I need to do the work myself as well. And I did.

I accompanied Dr Scott’s work with other therapies – physical therapy, egoscue, Alexander technique, Rolfing – but I feel that Dr Scott’s was the linchpin for pain management, and definitely the game changer for my state of mind and life enjoyment. It helped me link all these different approaches in a productive way.

To be honest, I’m glad my pain got so bad. If it hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gone to Dr Scott, and I wouldn’t have made these profound realizations. I just turned 50, and instead of downhill, I feel like whole new worlds of opportunity and experience have been opened up to me.

My Experience was Better Than I had Expected

I had gone to a Chiropractic Doctor 4 years ago through a referral from a trusted friend. It was the first time I had ever done so. My experience was better than I had expected, and I was able to understand quite well, how very basic parts of our bodies need to be aligned. I was standing more erect after my very first session. We took a picture of my stance before and after that showed the results. Fortunately, I was not suffering from any extreme discomfort or chronic pain, but I knew that my posture was changing for the better. I even felt taller again. Whatever I did in the gym, swimming, golfing, and stretching in the sauna regularly, did not stop me from involuntarily rounding my shoulders and leaning my head forward. I would catch myself doing so and correct my posture, but my body would always go back to its comfort zone.

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I continued with appointments for a while and felt that a maintenance plan of once a month would ensure continued success, and it did for some time. Enter Dr. Simerman… I tripped outside and found myself on the sidewalk. Like a car accident, my adrenaline was racing, I landed with both arms and hands extended, breaking most of the impact, but also landed on my left shoulder, upper arm, and left knee. The pain increased throughout the day, and I wasn’t able to sleep that night. A very close friend called Dr. Simerman and asked if he would be able to see me before even asking me if I would consider it. I called and my appointment was set as his last patient so he could do his best to understand my physical injuries. We met and rather than putting me on a table or against a wall, we talked about my over well outlook on life, what kind of eating habits I had, if I felt stressed, anxious, moody, depressed, overwhelmed at times, or if there was anything that I felt needed to be addressed that would make me a happier, more fulfilled person. Wow!!! We had a very candid discussion. He explained that the body is just that, but the mind and body need to work together, in unison. He started to figure out what had physically been damaged and somehow started to help connect and balance my nervous system with my muscles and skeletal system. I had three sessions in my first week and have felt no need for painkillers or muscle relaxers. My recovery, so far, has been life-changing and I only wish that I didn’t have to start with an agonizing physical condition to overcome. There are so many other aspects of my physical and mental well-being that I am looking forward to exploring, understand, and improving upon with the direction and guidance of Dr. Simerman.

-Jay L

Feeling Grateful

Grateful for Dr Scott!
– Judith C.

Exceptional Expertise

I feel grateful for finding your practice. The expertise you provide is exceptional. I have no doubt that I will completely recover from my ailments. A+
– Colleen O.

Incredible Natural Healer!

All I can keep saying is thank you!! Dr. Simerman is incredible and a natural healer! I would recommend him to anyone in need! His technique is unparalleled and something you have to experience to fully understand. After my first session it was as if the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. So calm and relaxed, I was almost lulled to sleep on my ride back home and I have not felt any sort of anxiety since! His healing and chiropractic technique is unlike anything I have ever experienced prior and I only wish I could have known about him and come here sooner! Anyone in pain physical and/or emotional or both should come in for that first session. You will find yourself not looking back! After only two sessions, I already feel better and more like myself. Dr. Simerman has instilled in me the confidence and faith that I will be healed and healthy again in only a few months! Call to make an appointment — you won’t regret your decision!!

Posture felt effortlessly perfect!

After my first few visits something truly amazing happened, for the first time in my life my posture felt effortlessly perfect! My head felt like it was being held up as if by a string, my chest felt open and the most profound part about all of this was the direct correlation that I felt between the improvement in my physical posture and my mental posture. Things that were previously difficult to approach without feelings of self doubt were now approachable with a new found air of confidence.

It was inspiring to personally experience the powerful effect of the mind-body connection that I had read so much about. Dr. Scott holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the subject of healing. I very much appreciate his enthusiasm and our lively conversations. I am so glad that after finishing his Chiropractic education Dr. Scott never put down the books, research articles and training manuals and has decided to go above and beyond by continuing to invest time educating himself and developing his skills so that he can give the best quality care possible to his patients. I am extremely grateful for our paths to have crossed :) Much love.

Very Patient-Centered

“I have been to many practitioners, including chiropractors, but my first appointment at Dr. Simerman’s office was different. Everything is very patient-centered and I was made to feel comfortable. My posture changed immediately after the first treatment! I hope that this is the beginning of a new healing journey for my many health issues.” – M.O.

Fabulous Transformation

I came to Dr. Scott because so many other avenues for wellness have not worked out for me. Years of pt, multiple joint replacements, daily pain, reduced mobility and feeling more and more dejected was my way of life. After just three weeks with Dr. Scott, I feel like I have a new lease on life. My optimism has returned and I feel better every day. My body is not talking to me (painfully) like it used to. The transformation is nothing short of fabulous. I still have a ways to go, but I no longer feel like I am in a deep hole with no way out. I truly feel like I am on the road to wellness and recovery.
-Christy R.

Could Not Be Happier

I could not be happier and I am very grateful. After two visits I know that I am in very capable hands and feel fantastic. Larger Than Life.
-Damian P.

Very Happy

I am very happy to have found this place. I am looking forward to healing and getting back to living life more fully. I am confident that Dr. Simerman can make this change for me because of his expertise.
-Karen M.

Positive Step in the Right Direction

Baruch Hashem, and thanks to you again and again.
We are seeing some progress.
She had a very good day yesterday. Very encouraging.
Sure there will be ups and downs ahead, but this is an amazing positive step in the right direction.
May Hashem bless you to continue your work in your own good health and wellness to keep saving people from such sickness and discomfort – of which the “traditional” medical profession is skeptical, does not recognize, and does not have any idea how to heal.
Thanks thanks thanks and thanks again.

“My whole body feels better after each visit!”

My husband started coming to Dr. Scott and kept telling me how much better he felt after each visit. I never felt I had a chronic problem but just wanted to try it out of curiosity. Dr. Scott has worked wonders on problems I was never really fully cognizant of–how poor posture can affect your immune system and other parts of your body. His practice is truly about wellness–my whole body feels better after each visit. I was referred to this practice from a friend. I experienced relief after the first visit. My body felt in proper alignment. The feeling continued to improve with subsequent visits. I always leave feeling lighter and 10 years younger. A 5-10 minute adjustment is better than an hour-long massage. The feeling you get afterwards is one of relaxation, comfort and easiness within your own body. Overall I am delighted! Dr. Scott’ staff is extremely friendly. Being able to walk in makes it extremely convenient. I can decide on a whim if I want to get an adjustment, and I don’t have to stress about making it to an appointment on time given my busy schedule. The results are fast and immediate. Ten minutes at his office translates into my sleeping much more comfortably during the week. I also don’t get pains in my necks and shoulders from sitting in from of a computer all day. One appointment seems to alleviate so much stress and tension that I hold in my body. I understand that the treatment is not only benefitting my neck and spine but all the systems in my entire body, immune system, circulatory system, etc. I have already recommended others here.
– A.B.

Mastery of Technique

I had the residual effects of several old sports injuries. I was referred to this practice from a friend. I’m standing up straighter and simply feel better and more comfortable. I like the comprehensive approach to resolving health issues. Overall I am delighted! I’ve been to probably 10 chiropractors over the years, but there are two differences here. First, while several of them were quite good, none had this level of mastery of technique. Adjustment is a skill, and some chiropractors are better at it than others. This is the best I’ve ever experienced. Second, the overall approach here is more comprehensive. You’re not just treating your latest injury. You’re treating the cumulative effects of all your past injuries. I’d be very likely to refer others here.
– M.S.

Sciatica is Completely Gone

I was having my second bout with sciatica and it was very painful. After a few months of adjustments my sciatica has been completely gone for over ten months now. Additionally, I’ve noticed I’ve been less prone to colds and my arthritic pain reduced significantly. I was referred here by another healthcare professional.
Dr. Scott is thorough with each adjustment, he listens, and he’s willing to answer questions. Overall I am delighted! I would sing the praises of the practice because of my results. And not just my results… my 76 year-old mother started going to Dr. Scott a few months ago despite skepticism, but she’s not skeptical anymore! She’s feeling less pain and can walk more now than she has in years. The care is wonderful and the results speak for themselves. I have already recommended others here.
– R.P.

“I can walk pain free!”

When I came to Dr. Scott I could not walk. I was in extreme pain from my hip and knees and I had long standing ambulatory issues with my feet. I had been going to an orthopedist for both my knee and hip without much relief. I believe I would have been headed down the surgical route if I had not gone to Dr. Scott. I was referred to this practice from a friend. Within one visit I felt better than I had after five months of running to doctor to doctor! After many months of care I can walk pain free and have a much better quality of life. Since then I have experienced some very difficult emotional issues. Even through challenging times I feel balanced emotionally and physically and better equipped to handle what life throws at me. The individualized attention given by Dr. Scott to meet my needs and his willingness to go the extra mile to assist in any way he can to be helpful are appreciated. Overall I am delighted! Dr. Scott has helped me to live my life with ease and joy! He is an amazing healer. I trust him with my life and I am always happy to recommend him to people who would benefit from his care. I have already recommended others here.
– J.A.

Winning Combination – Healing Energy & Chiropractic Skills

I began regular visits to Dr. Scott for management of my overall health several years ago. Recently, I had a long absence from seeing Dr. Scott and had neck pain and was in severe discomfort. In about two weeks Dr. Scott had my pain level from severe to a mild ache and I am back on track with regular visits. Dr. Scott has a healing energy and this combined with his chiropractic skills is a wonderful winning combination. I was referred to this practice by a friend. I experienced gradual improvement over two weeks of treatment. I moved from severe pain…not able to move my neck… to as of today… almost a full recovery. I am delighted! The staff is friendly and very up lifting upon entering the office. Dr. Scott is a good communicator and I feel he is cheering me on with my healing process. Dr. Scott is always very positive and that makes sure a difference especially if you are not feeling well. I have already recommended others here and will continue.
– K.R.

Broad Range of Interests in Healing Arts

I had stiffness in my hip that had been bothering me off and on for a number of years. I had difficulty getting out of bed and out of a chair. I drive by this practice and selected it for the convenient location. I experienced relief after a very few visits I went to Dr. Scott for help with hip pain. I am a jogger and was experiencing stiffness in getting out of bed. This issue quickly resolved (I had to remember I had it!) and I have been enjoying the new freedom of movement in my joints. I also enjoy talking with Dr. Scott who has a broad range of interests in the healing arts. I appreciate his confidence and competence in addressing the underlying causes of dis-ease. Overall I am delighted! Dr. Scott ‘s office staff is extremely pleasant and I look forward to chatting with them before my session. I have already recommended others here.
– M.K.

Back Pain and Anxiety

I had back pain and anxiety for a long time. I was referred to this practice from a friend. I started to feel better after about 2 weeks. Unlike with past treatments, it was long lasting relief and I never experienced pain during the treatment. I got more energy and my posture improved a lot. I appreciated the personalized approach, the amount of time spent with each patient, the relaxed feeling of the place and the warm welcome. I liked Dr. Scott’s huge knowledge and understanding of the healing process. Overall I have been extremely satisfied. I would say that it’s worth a try. I appreciated the preliminary visit and interview and the amount of time Dr. Scott spends with patients. I would strongly recommend this natural approach. I have already recommended others here.
– S.F.

Lower Back Pain and Arm Pain

I had been looking for a chiropractor that utilized the methods Dr. Scott practices. Thankfully I found him. I had issues with my lower back and my right arm. Physical Therapy was unable to offer a solution other than surgery. I found Dr Scott when I answered a job ad. I was thrilled to find this practice! I found immediate relief on the first visit. My back pain eased and had complete mobility of my right arm. Seeing Dr. Scott keeps me healthy! Overall I am delighted! I have already told my friends that THIS is the way to care for your health – not just your spine, your entire being! The staff and Dr. Scott is not just friendly but truly concerned for your wellbeing! I have already recommended others and will continue to do so!
– C.P.

Help Your Body “Fix Itself” Naturally

I am 62 years old. Since I was around 35 I noticed I developed a tightness in my upper back and neck areas that become extremely painful. Eventually I found I could not move my head around, say, to look around while driving as you make a turn or park. I would receive sharp pains all the time in the area, progressively worsening. Three years ago my feet began to lose feeling and eventually the bottoms of my feet become totally numb. I have visited scores of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, shiatsu people, numerous medical specialists with all sorts of tests and more, over the past 3 decades. None of them could provide more than a few hours or maybe a short day of limited relief at best. Recently I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists as well. These impediments have greatly reduced my physical activities and have curtailed my work opportunities as well, as a professional musician. The accumulated pain level had made me feel ‘tied up in knots’ during the day and at night as well, without any hope for relief. I was referred here by another healthcare professional.
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Since beginning treatments with Dr. Simerman my neck and upper back pain began receding – within weeks. To my surprise the relief was not temporary, which was all I had ever experienced with so many others. In a few months without any fanfare I found I could turn my head while driving or parking – for the first time in years – without blinding flashes of pain attacking me. I have no prolonged pains now in that area, for over one year. My feet actually began to feel stimulation and for a while actually felt quite normal. That has receded a bit and I feel hopeful that with additional treatments my sense of feeling in all my extremities will again improve. My physical problems and I have both been treated with both the respect and the promise to identify and help fix my out-of-whack spine and nervous system. I understand that I have created my own serious physical problems myself, over my lifetime. Dr. Simerman’s basic philosophy and most positive attitude, coupled with intensive, consistent treatments, began to reduce my physical limitations and great pain almost immediately.

Now, as I enter one year of treatment I continue to improve and find my body and life still responds very well to this amazing natural treatment where my body is encouraged to “fix itself.” Of course I will continue. Overall I am delighted! With many years of experience of providing deep relief to people (like myself) who have found little such relief elsewhere, Dr. Simerman is most sympathetic and positive in his attitude towards each person being able to somehow fix their own body through these treatments. I have seen people who couldn’t even walk up the 3 steps to his office at first, within a few weeks be able to move so much more easily and without that terrible level of pain and discomfort. The treatments are not magic. For many adults this demands some serious amount of time for consistent treatments to take hold and produce wholesome results – in my case 1-3 years of treatments will be necessary. Dr. Simerman asks each person at each treatment how they are and what are their latest observations of good or painful things going on.

Any client can send a SOS or questions via emails or phone calls to him, anytime. I have not experienced a single treatment by him to be done in a robotic or “I can’t wait for this day to be over” neglectful manner. I have been treated with respect, hope and confidence by his lovely staff, and by Dr. Simerman himself as he works with increasing vitality and insight towards my (and others’) well being. His practice is a find that is very rare indeed, on all fronts. I have already recommended him to many others.

– R.S.